Tree Trimming Services in Broward County (Broward County Tree Trimmer License B-225)

Tropical Touch Garden Center specializes in the full range of tree services Broward County and the surrounding areas, including:

  • Tree trimming and selective pruning - Crown reduction/cleaning, lifting, thinning and removal of dead, broken, diseased or ill attached branches.
  • Tree removal.
  • Tree stump grinding and removal.
  • Emergency and hazardous tree removal services.

Proper tree care requires more than just planting, fertilizing and watering. Having the knowledge on how to properly and safely perform tree trimming and pruning is vital for tree care. Tree trimming and pruning are delicate tasks and the decision to remove or not remove a limb directly influence the appearance and growth of the tree. Tropical Touch Garden Center wants to preserve trees and sometimes there are other ways to fix the problem without removing the whole tree.

Our commercial and residential clients can feel confident that our licensed and certified personnel are knowledgeable in the precise techniques of tree pruning and that they follow ANSI A300 Standards for Tree Care Operations

We operate a fleet of equipped trucks such as bucket trucks, stump grinders, chippers and tree trailers to meet all your tree trimming and pruning requirements.

Tropical Touch Garden Center is a family-owned, licensed and insured, full service commercial and residential landscaping company serving Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, and the surrounding areas in South Florida. Contact us for more information at 954.252.0562 to find out more about our Tree Trimming Services. You can also complete our contact us form - click here

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