Mosquito Control – MistAway authorized dealer now in South Florida
Mosquito Control – Mist Away

Truly Effective Outdoor Mosquito Control with Mosquito Misting!

Tropical Touch Garden Center is an authorized dealer for MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems in South Florida. MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems are outdoor insect control and automated mosquito misting systems and MistAway has established itself as a household brand name throughout the USA today. Our revolutionary automated and permanent Mosquito Mist Away System, allows you and your family to enjoy a mosquito-free yard all year round. You shouldn't have to be at the mercy of annoying insects, mosquitoes, no-see-ums and their painful bites.

Mosquito Control – Mist Away

Unlike portable mosquito control systems which attract mosquitoes into your yard, MistAway kills all mosquitoes in the backyard through a series of pyrethrum-insecticide misting nozzles. A MistAway mosquito control system automatically sprays a very fine mist of botanical insecticide through a series of mosquito misting nozzles installed on your property. Once installed, our system virtually disappears into your landscape.

Our drum-based misting systems and tankless mosquito misters are made in the USA and manufactured from the highest quality parts and materials. We offer unparalleled quality, an industry best-in-class warranty and peace of mind to the homeowners who have purchased our quality mosquito misting systems.

The misting unit's electronic controller is programmed to automatically initiate a 30 - 60 second mosquito-killing mist around dawn and again at dusk, when the mosquitoes are most active and other beneficial insects – such as bees and butterflies - are not.

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